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Multi Purpose Cleaner

  1. Degreaser

    • Eco-friendly composition and recyclable quality
    • No cancer causing substance
    • Nanoelulsion item can efficiently eradicate stains of oil and grease
    • Neutral ph level
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  2. Multipurpose Cleaning Chemicals

    • Contains LAS detergents and sterilizers
    • Eco-friendly, safe and non- flammable
    • Best for oil extraction unit, oil containers, & derivative of petrochemicals
    • Safety of individuals and no need for special means
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  3. All Purpose Cleaner

    • Used for cleaning in aerospace, mechanical and all other industries
    • Super cleaning results for all kinds of surfaces even in cases of low temperature
    • Eco-Friendly and biodegradable chemicals
    • No harm to humans while using it
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  4. Oil Tank Degreaser

    • Eco friendly, biodegradable and low toxic
    • Heavy duty cleaning: remove sludge, waxy soil or mud
    • Specific Gravity (25oC): 0.95-1.05
    • Flash Point: More than 80 degree celcius
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